Reviews & Testimonials

�Met some great people and had awesome #glutenfree food this weekend @gfafexpo in #chicago� � @jpitonyak

�Have you ever had a life changing moment? I did this weekend at the @gfafexpo� � @stockpilingmoms

@jenglutenfree put on one helluva show last weekend at the #GFAFExpo!� � A. McCarthy via Twitter

�We just got back from a fantastic weekend in Chicago, Illinois. We went to the Gluten Free and Allergen Free Expo and it was so fantastic. I am so glad we took the kids, it was such a great gluten free adventure for all of us.� �

�Amazing Event!! We had a wonderful time!� � Real Sustenance via Facebook

�I would say that Jen Cafferty and her team have found a stride and the Expo is quite a great place to be informed on all things gluten and allergy free.� �

�Meeting amazing people at the #GFAFexpo. Bloggers, vendors, authors, manufacturers � such inspiration.� � J. Pohlman via Twitter

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