Nancy Addison CHHC, AADP, CPT, CSN

Nancy Addison, CHC, AADP, CPT, CSN is known for her inspirationally delivered Organic Healthy Life information. Nancy is an expert in nutrition, the environment and cooking. She believes that when you give the body the right tools, it can do miraculous things.

Her books have been endorsed by world-renowned doctors who recommend them to medical professionals and people seeking greater health. Author of the award winning, #1 best seller: Raising Healthy Children, the award winning, best seller: Second Edition of How To Be A Healthy Vegetarian , Lose Weight, Get Healthy And Never Diet Again, and Co-Author of Alive & Cooking; An Easy Guide To Health For You And Your Parents. Nancy is a passionate diplomat for protecting our and our children’s health.

Her website is:


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