Mary Fran Wiley

Mary Fran WileyMary Fran Wiley is an award-winning graphic/web designer based out of Chicago, IL. She also happens to be the author of a gluten-free baking blog,

FrannyCakes was born out of a love for desgin & photography as well as a burning desire to bake. Mary Franís attention to proper baking techniques as well as an understanding of how different ingredients affect the finished baked goods has allowed her to remake many childhood favorites and invent many new desserts.

Mary Fran has been designing websites since she was a junior in high school (back when CSS was just a passing trend). She has extensive experience building and maintaining WordPress based websites and blogs, but her true passion lies in the design and branding of websites. Mary Fran has helped many clients through the process of chosing a site name and domain name (they donít always have to be the same!), to picking a visual identity and turning it into a recognizable brand. If you would like to see some samples of her work, you can peruse her portfolio.

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