Marla Brodsky

Marla BrodskyMs. Brodsky graduated from University of Iowa with a degree in Nutritional Science. She received a post graduate internship from University of Vermont and the Medical Center Hospital of Vermont in Burlington. Ms. Brodsky began her career in 1990 at Loyola University Medical Center, where she obtained a Certification in Nutrition Support and worked with critically ill patients on the nutrition support team of the Clinical Nutrition Unit. Working with the Department of Infectious Disease at Loyola, she also became the Nutrition Director for the HIV/AIDS clinic. During this time, Ms. Brodsky became the Project Coordinator for a double blind multicenter study of recombinant Human Growth Hormone/Insulin-like Growth Factor for improving nutritional status and muscle mass of malnourished AIDS patients.

In 1997, Ms. Brodsky received the position of Project Coordinator for the Falk Trust grant supported Geriatric Nutrition Research Project at St. Joseph Hospital in Chicago. Through this 6 year grant, Ms. Brodsky developed and conducted several research studies on aging and ways to improve nutritional status and muscle strength of older adults. The results of this work was published and presented nationally at 9 different scientific meetings throughout the country. Ms. Brodsky is currently in private practice at her company, Luscious Life Nutrition, Inc. She has done training through the Columbia University and Arizona Center on Integrative Medicine with the renowned Integrative Medicine physician Andrew Weil, MD. She specializes in working with patients having chronic disease, inflammatory disorders, and autoimmune disorders through hands-on individual counseling, cooking classes, and strength training exercise. Marla has been featured on WGN and ABC news 4 times. Marla has done lectures throughout the country on reducing inflammation through nutrition and exercise, and has worked extensively with organizations such as the Arthritis Foundation, the MS Society, Lupus Foundation and Whole Foods.

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