Kristin Selby Gonzalez

Kristin Selby GonzalezKristin Selby Gonzalez joined Enzymedica in 2008, serving as Director of Autism Education. As the companyís primary link to the autism community, she has advised Enzymedica with respect to company policy and product formulation for children on the spectrum, and counseled directly with parents on the use of Enzymedicaís products. She has given lectures worldwide, educating thousands throughout the years on different strategies to help children on the autism spectrum.

Kristin is also a co-host on an Internet radio show where she discusses various topics such as therapies, diets, biomedical treatments and others.

In addition to her trainings and certifications, Kristin brings her own experience as a mother of a child on the spectrum. As of September 2012, Kristin leads Enzymedica’s philanthropic work at Autism Hope Alliance where she is now serving as President/Chairman.

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