Jennifer Pohlman

Jen PohlmanSip Organic Juice Barģ owner and raw food and detox expert, Jennifer Pohlman has been working to help people find their version of healthy for over a decade. It is her passion to help people evolve into a healthy lifestyle. “I believe that eating a more organic, sustainable diet and including more plant-based and raw foods is the answer to many of todayís health concerns. I have witnessed incredible health transformations in customers who have changed their diets alone. Taking small steps and making simple, day-to-day changes is what I teach and advocate. The single most important thing you can do is be open to change, followed by educating yourself on what healthy living options are available to you.”

Jennifer owns one juice bar with two additional locations opening in 2013. Her raw- organic-GF Jenergy BarsTM are among Sipís best selling products. Jennifer has served thousands of her 3 and 5 day detoxes and is currently working on a 21 day detox manual.

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