Springfield, MA – Oct 25-26, 2014

When & Where


October 25-26, 2014


Eventbrite - The Gluten & Allergen Free Expo

The MassMutual Center doesn’t own or operate any local parking facilities.  However, there are several parking lots and garages in the area.

Civic Center Parking Garage
This garage is located directly across from the MassMutual Center on Falcons Way.  Per request of the MassMutual Center parking for all events is only $7.  For more information call (413) 787-6118.

Columbus Avenue – South Garage
This garage is located on Columbus Avenue just two blocks from the MassMutual Center. For more information call the Springfield Parking Authority at (413) 787-6118.

For directions to the MassMutual center click HERE.



MassMutual Center
1277 Main Street
Springfield, MA 01103

Tel: (413) 787-6610



You may purchase discounted tickets ahead of time by using the form below. Full-price tickets ($20 per adult and $5 per child (over the age of 3) will be on sale at the event if we do not sell out in advance. Sell outs will be indicated on the website. We recommend buying your tickets ahead of time.


2014 Springfield classes sponsored by BigY

Presented By: Big Y Foods, Inc.
Class Name


Presenter(s): Dr. Jus Crea Giammarino

Class:"Healing the Gut from Food Allergies and Sensitivities" Dr. Giammarino will differentiate celiac disease, food allergies and sensitivities and teach how to diagnose each condition. She will discuss Naturopathic treatment options including digestive, nutritive, herbal, and dietary support. She will discuss probiotics, enzymes, and herbal treatment options.


Presenter(s): Stephen Wangen, N.D.

Class:"Understanding Gluten Sensitivity" Gluten sensitivity is a real problem regardless of the criticism that it has taken. It's so real that the similarities between celiac disease and gluten sensitivity may shock you. Don't miss this highly informative talk by Dr. Stephen Wangen


Presenter(s): Bill Bradley

Class:"The Gluten Free Mediterranean" One of the misperceptions about the Mediterranean Diet is that it is impossible to do if you are gluten free. Bill Bradley, Registered Dietitian and cookbook author will take you on a gluten free culinary journey through the countries and Islands of the Mediterranean. Learn about the health benefits of eating Mediterranean and how to use gluten free grains that are already a mainstay of Morocco, Spain, Italy, Greece, Egypt, Israel, Syria and the other countries and islands of the Mediterranean. Gluten-Free Recipes and guidelines included.

Presented By: Big Y Foods, Inc.
Class Name


Class:"Gluten Free at the Grocery Store" If you are shifting toward eating gluten free, your grocery shopping experience will change...if it has not already! The most important part of gluten free shopping is equipping yourself with new knowledge. Join Stop & Shop nutritionist on a walk through the grocery store with easy to follow tips in each department. She will highlight how to eat gluten free on a budget, plan balance meals and must-have gluten free products to add into your weekly shopping list.


Presenter(s): Oonagh Williams

Class:"The Power of Food – The best medicine or the worst poison for your body." Chef Oonagh is not going to push a raw food diet (with NE winters, get real), or have you give up your favorite foods (as if we would want to). Chef Oonagh will help you understand how the food you commonly eat can be causing other problems - beyond high cholesterol, but including arthritis, female problems, headaches, diabetes, fatigue etc. Chef Oonagh will explain the new FDA proposed food labeling; is GMO a good thing?; soy and corn everywhere; how much sugar is too much sugar?; all the new cooking oils, new sugars, new grains, trans fat, hydrogenated, "fat free"; and the increasing number of food allergies, not just gluten free.


Presenter(s): Robert Landolphi

Class:“So Many Flours, So Little Time” Chef Rob will discuss the variety of gluten free flours available on the market today, how to blend them correctly, and the nutritional value of each one. This class will equip you with the knowledge to make your gluten free culinary experiences simple, easy, and very delicious.


BIll Bradley
Bill Bradley

Bill Bradley is a Registered Dietitian who, four years ago, found out he had a gluten intolerance and has been gluten free ever since. His company, Mediterranean Living, specializes in Mediterranean Diet and Lifestyle. Bill has written two cookbooks, one of them from the Mediterranean Island of Crete. He has led over 1500 talks and cooking workshops throughout the United States.

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Dr. Jus Crea Giammarino

Dr. Jus Crea Giammarino practices Naturopathic Medicine at The Integrative Health Group in Springfield MA treating people of all ages. She specializes in food allergies and sensitivities and Chairs the Celiac Support Group at Better Life. Dr. Giammarino also teaches Pathology at Springfield Technical Community College for the Integrative Health Department. Previously she has taught Nutrition at Springfield College and was a primary care physician in Brattleboro, VT.

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Julie Hersey
Julie Hersey, MS, RD, LDN

Julie Hersey is the first and only nutritionist for Stop & Shop New England. She serves as the company’s resource for health and wellness initiatives in the store and surrounding communities. Her office is located within the Chelmsford store where she meets with customers for individual appointments, hosts cooking demos, teaches classes and provides nutrition education resources in the area. Since nutrition is shaped by the decisions you make at the grocery store, Julie is excited to have the opportunity to help families make nutritious choices in every aisle. Her interest in gluten free eating was sparked from a Celiac diagnosis in two of her close family members.

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Oonagh Williams 3582
Oonagh Williams

British Born, Independent, Award Winning, Chef/Instructor Oonagh Williams has a Culinary Arts degree and trained in London and Switzerland. Based in New Hampshire, her 28-year-old son was diagnosed gluten and lactose intolerant 6 years ago with no previous symptoms. Chef Oonagh has always cooked from scratch with real ingredients, so it was only baked goods that she generally needed to adapt to gluten free. Chef Oonagh follows a gluten free diet (Chef Oonagh discovered her arthritis pains and period pains went away with a gluten free diet and has since discovered family members with celiac disease), and only buys regular flour bread and cereal for her husband.
Chef Oonagh gives presentations and classes on gluten free cooking and living, consults and guides people in adapting to a gluten free lifestyle, caters gluten free parties, has written a monthly recipe column for the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness for over three years, and writes for various publications. Chef Oonagh has published her ‘Delicious Gluten Free Cooking’ cookbook. Recipes range from kid friendly pancakes, waffles and Tollhouse Cookies to adult indulgent Chicken Buffalo soup, Corned Beef in Beer, English Trifle and Tiramisu.

Chef Oonagh feels strongly that anything gluten free has to taste as good as any gluten filled recipe and frequently says that ‘my six foot four baby would soon tell me if it wasn’t any good, my husband is far politer’!
As a chef with a deep understanding of food and the ability to fully understand food labels, Chef Oonagh has helped numerous people with their food intolerances.

Chef Oonagh:
• Was the featured Chef at the Healthy Villi, Boston Celiac Conference in October 2013 and will present at the April 2014 Boston Celiac Conference.
• Is invited to speak at Corporate Health and Wellness Events and State Fairs
• Has written a monthly recipe column for the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness for over three years.
• Has been a regular guest on NH’s ABC WMUR-TV’s Cooks Corner for more than 10 years
• Presents cooking classes and dinner parties
• Has a cookbook ‘Delicious Gluten Free Cooking’
• Hosts a Celiac Disease Support Group
• Writes a Gluten Free Living Blog at www.RoyalTempatations.com/blog
• Has a Healthy Cooking/Healthy Living Radio Show.
• ‘Like’ her at Gluten Free Cooking with Oonagh on Facebook

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Robert Landolphi
Robert Landolphi

Robert Landolphi is a 1991 graduate of Johnson & Wales University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Culinary Arts and Food Service Management. He also completed a Certified Culinary Arts Instructor program at Central Connecticut State University. Rob has enjoyed a variety of food related occupations including several years as a Wedding Coordinator/Banquet Manager at Glastonbury Hills Country Club, and owner and operator of the Sugar Shack Bakery in Storrs, Connecticut. He currently serves as a Certified Culinary Arts Instructor and Manager of Culinary Development with the University of Connecticut. Rob is a member of The National Association of College and University Food Services, the American Culinary Federation, Slow Food International and the National Restaurant Association. Rob has entertained audiences all the country with his unique cooking style, personality, and down to earth, yet informative demonstrations.

Rob’s media credits include producing and hosting the “Mangia Radio” show, 91.7 FM-WHUS, and writing and hosting the cooking show “Food for the Journey.” He appeared on Food Network’s “How Do You Iron Chef?” promotion program while hosting the University of Connecticut’s Annual Culinary Olympics, and on the new cable food program “Boy Meets Still.” Rob has appeared on CBS “The Early Show” to demonstrate the intricacies of gluten free cooking during their “allergy free cooking” week. Local appearances have also been made on WTNH “Connecticut Style” News, NBC 30 News and the “Better Connecticut” talk show program. He has also been interviewed on numerous “Food Talk” radio programs, including “Everyday Food” on the Martha Stewart Living Satellite Channel, and has shared recipes and industry food trend information with many magazines and newspapers nationally.

Rob is married and has three young sons. He was introduced to the gluten free lifestyle in the year 2000, when after a lengthy illness, his wife was finally diagnosed with celiac disease. Since that time he has made it a personal mission to create and perfect gluten free recipes which will satisfy even the harshest of critics, including those who do not NEED to be wheat and gluten free. He is the author of “Gluten Free Everyday Cookbook”, “Quick Fix Gluten Free Cookbook”, and “Cooking Light” Gluten Free Baking.


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Stephen Wangen, N.D.

Dr. Stephen Wangen is one of the world’s leading experts on IBS, food allergies and intolerances, and the ecosystem of the digestive tract. Dr. Wangen is the co-founder and Medical Director of the IBS Treatment Center, and the author of two popular books, “The Irritable Bowel Syndrome Solution” and the award winning “Healthier Without Wheat: A New Understanding of Wheat Allergies, Celiac Disease, and Non-Celiac Gluten Intolerance.”

Dr. Wangen understands what many of his patients are experiencing and truly practices what he preaches. He not only cured his IBS, but is also gluten intolerant and has a dairy allergy. He has not eaten gluten since 1995, nor dairy since 2000.

Dr. Stephen Wangen is a licensed and board certified physician with a doctoral degree in naturopathic medicine from the internationally renowned Bastyr University in Seattle, WA, where he also is a faculty member.


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Sheraton Springfield Monarch Place Hotel
One Monarch Place
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Click HERE to make a reservation.  Room block available until 10/27/14

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