Secaucus, NJ – Sept 6 & 7, 2014

When & Where


September 6-7, 2014


Free Parking!  Click HERE for a map and directions.

Concessions will be open for beverage purchases only.

Eventbrite - The Gluten & Allergen Free Expo


Meadowlands Exposition Center
355 Plaza Drive
Secaucus, NJ 07094



You may purchase discounted tickets ahead of time by using the form below. Full-price tickets ($20 per adult and $5 per child (over the age of 3) will be on sale at the event if we do not sell out in advance. Sell outs will be indicated on the website. We recommend buying your tickets ahead of time.


Class Name


Class:"Beyond Gluten Free: Meet the Low FODMAP diet" If your gluten-free diet has helped improve your digestive wellbeing somewhat, but there's still room for improvement, there may be something other than wheat that's bothering you. Meet the FODMAPs, several families of poorly-absorbed, fermentable carbohydrates that can trigger digestive distress in sensitive individuals. This presentation will: introduce you to the various families of FODMAPs and how they exert their effect on the gut; explain why going gluten-free sometimes helps people without celiac disease feel better; list which foods contain FODMAPs and which do not; describe how you can determine whether a carbohydrate intolerance may be the culprit behind your ongoing gastrointestinal symptoms


Presenter(s): Stephen Wangen, N.D.

Class:"Understanding Gluten Sensitivity" Gluten sensitivity is a real problem regardless of the criticism that it has taken. It's so real that the similarities between celiac disease and gluten sensitivity may shock you. Don't miss this highly informative talk by Dr. Stephen Wangen


Presenter(s): Amy Fothergill

Class:"The Best Gluten-Free Tips for Cooking and Baking" Chef, mom, and author, Amy Fothergill, recognizes that the success of good cooking and baking hinges upon knowing good tips and techniques. When it comes to gluten-free, you will need a whole new bag of tricks. Please join her where she will share some of her best secrets for how to successfully cook and bake delicious and easy gluten-free food for the whole family. Her philosophy is make one meal or dish that everyone will love.


Class: "Can your Gluten Free Diet cause other health problems?" Join popular food scientist, nutritionist, author and speaker, Meriterese Racanelli,MS for a workshop on how to become a more savvy, empowered consumer, with tools to help your Gluten Free Diet meet your individual needs. Meriterese will discuss the pitfalls of a Gluten Free Diet and the various strategies to help avoid becoming at risk for other diet related health problems, including weight gain, diabetes, hypertension, failure to thrive, and malnourishment in children and the elderly.

Class Name


Presenter(s): Vanessa Maltin Weisbrod

Class:"Nutrition and Gluten-Free Baking" Curious about the dozens and dozens of gluten-free flours on the marketplace? This presentation will look at some of the most popular gluten-free flour replacements (white rice flour, brown rice flour, almond flour, teff, millet, coconut flour, sorghum flour, soy flour, etc) and teach attendees how to convert their favorite baking recipes into gluten-free alternatives. Furthermore, the presentation will look at the nutritional properties of each of the gluten-free ingredients and explore how to boost nutrition in household recipe favorites. The class will also look at gluten-free all-purpose flours and help participants decide which blend is the best for their family.


Presenter(s): Kathy Smart

Class:"Gluten-Free Belly Be Gone" Join Kathy Smart, North America's Gluten- Free Expert and Dr. Oz Guest for a jam packed seminar where you' ll learn how she has helped thousands of people lose weight without counting calories or points. She will unlock the hidden reason why you can't get rid of that belly and share her gluten- free secrets to shed it once and for all!


Presenter(s): Carol Kicinski

Class: "Get Rid of Toxins – in your Diet and in your Life!" Carol Kicinski, over 20 years living the gluten-free lifestyle, tells her personal story of how going gluten free changed not just her health but her life – informative, always humorous, entertaining and uplifting!


Class: “Gluten Free Latin Kitchen-part 1” Join popular food scientist, nutritionist, author, and speaker Meriterese Racanelli, MS for her workshop on how International cultural foods work in a Gluten Free Diet. Meriterese will provide you with a glimpse into the vast world of delicious, nutritious Latin foods from around the world and help you separate food science facts from internet hype and fiction. She’ll discuss recipes and cooking techniques to boost nutrition, what’s found in foods, and how they affect Celiac, digestive disorders, child growth and development, and more.


Amy D. Cohen

Amy D. Cohen, BFRP, is a Practitioner For Emotional Health. She creates customized remedy blends using plant botanicals that reverse negative emotions, thought patterns & behaviors that hold us back from living life happy. You can see her on TV and hear her on top radio stations throughout the U.S. Amy specializes in relieving your intense anxiousness, severe sadness, children behavior challenges, symptoms of autism and feeling stuck. She is a Certified Practitioner, Speaker and an accredited teacher, teaching courses on becoming a Practitioner for Emotional Health.   Amy also studied homeopathy for three years with the NY School of Homeopathy affiliated with School of Homeopathy in England.   She has since formulated an all natural, award winning body care line infused with a specific blend of flower remedies and essential oils to enhance positivity and move us to feeling peace, calm and joy, as well as other Emotional Health Care Products.  Her website is She maintains a consulting practice in New Jersey and does telephone consultations worldwide.  She can be emailed at; or skype amy.c.50 or phone at 800-474-1667.

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Jen Cafferty

Jen Cafferty
CEO, The Gluten Free Media Group

Jen Cafferty is “all things gluten free.” As founder and CEO of The Gluten Free Media Group, Jen is a nationally recognized expert on connecting gluten-free brands to consumers in ways that help everyone live a better lifestyle. Not only does Jen run the largest gluten-free media group in the US, she and her family follow restricted diets due to a variety health concerns. With years of experience living a gluten-free lifestyle, Jen’s opinion has become the “seal of good housekeeping” for many brands, and she is considered to be one of the foremost experts in gluten-free living in North America.

As a Certified Health Coach and Chef, Jen frequently teaches lifestyle classes, writes articles and collaborates on gluten-free projects. Through the consulting division of her company, Jen collaborates with numerous CPG brands and retailers to ensure they are attaining their full marketing potential when reaching the free-from customer. Combining her personal and professional experience, Jen Cafferty truly has become a proponent for gluten-free and allergen-friendly living. For more information or to schedule an interview, contact Jen Cafferty at or 847-217-1317.

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Jenna Drew
Jenna Drew

Jenna Drew is a passionate advocate for Celiac Disease, the gluten free lifestyle and real food transformations, and has traveled over 10,000 miles for Celiac Awareness.

The National Foundation of Celiac Awareness named her “Celiac Awareness All-Star” after hosting the first Celiac Awareness Day with the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball team. As the go-to person for Celiac and digestive issues, Jenna has been invited to speak all around the U.S. at events like the Expo East, Gluten Free & Allergen Friendly (GFAF) Wellness Events, Celebrate Celiac, Living Without’s Gluten Free Food Allergy Fest and the GFAF Expo.

Even after eating gluten free for years however, Jenna was still exhausted all the time and experienced bloating that never seemed to go away. On top of Celiac Disease, she also has asthma that stems from chronic inflammation. She was tired of relying on my inhaler and having low energy all the time – it was time to take control of my struggling health.

Through research she discovered the many ways the body works and how mindset plays a role in our health. As a Certified Mind Body Fitness Coach and Essential Oil Expert, she helps her clients “Get that Gluten Free Glow” and transform their lives through lifestyle coaching and natural solutions like essential oils and real foods.

She invites you to grab her brand new eBook Love Your Gut: 3 Essential Steps to a Healthier Gut (it’s free!) at that includes exclusive tips and recipes I only share with my gluten free community.


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Kim Koeller

Kim Koeller is an acclaimed speaker and founder of GlutenFree Passport who also personally manages celiac disease and food allergies. She is the award-winning author of the Let’s Eat Out Around the World Gluten Free and Allergy Free travel series of books, apps and cards with 20 quality innovation awards since 2006.

Kim educates individuals and consults with businesses about safe food and travel throughout North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. She leverages her international business consulting background, worldwide travel experiences of 2.5-plus million miles and 100% gluten & allergy free lifestyle. She is also frequently featured in news media across the globe such as NBC TV, National Geographic Traveler, Food & Drink, Wall Street Journal and USA Today.

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Orly Gottesman
Orly Gottesman

A solutions-oriented entrepreneur, Orly Gottesman was determined to find an answer for those on a gluten-free diet to be able to make any recipe they see on TV, in a magazine or in a cook book in a gluten-free version without anyone but the cook knowing it. “Orly the Baker” is a Le Cordon Bleu graduate with a specialty in gluten free French pastry development. Her gluten free research was published in the school’s curriculum and has been the alumni graduation guest speaker at the Sydney Australia campus for two consecutive years. She has developed an artisanal line of gluten free baking flour called Blends by Orly. Blends by Orly is a line of 4 kosher, dairy free, nut/corn free gluten free flour blends that are a perfect 1:1 replacement for wheat flour in any recipe. Blends by Orly are made with gluten free healthy grains that are custom blended to match different applications and categories of baking and cooking.

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Secaucus, NJ 07094

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