Beyond Gluten Free – Is the Expo Allergen Friendly?

Good news!á If you are attending the cooking classes, almost everything is gfcf (and everything is gluten free).á That means we will use very little dairy (maybe in one or two recipes all weekend).á We also won’t be using many nuts, soy or other allergens.á We will be baking with eggs but we will make sure to discuss egg replacers.

In each program book from the cooking classes, you will receive a document discussing dairy, egg and sugar replacements.á Also, lunch is gluten and dairy free too! When you register for the cooking classes, we will ask you about other allergies (beyond gluten and dairy).á You can let us know your needs and we will do everything we can to keep you safe.

If you are attending the vendor fair, everything in the room is gluten free.á Many items are also top-eight allergen free.á We will have a special area for those products that are nut free so those with nut allergies can safely attend the fair.á This area will be in the front of the room.á You can then decide if you want to attend the whole vendor fair or just stay in the nut free area.á Obviously, we can not promise there aren’t allergens in the air. So if you have an airborne allergen, this might not be the best venue for you over the course of the weekend.

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